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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
Tag Team for Jesus Christ
A Christmas Story
A Clear Conscience
A Country Boy Loves Forgiveness
A Different Story about the Birds and the Bees
A Dream
A Fresh Start
A Great Promise
A Letter to GOD
A Light and a Lamp
A New Perspective
A Parent
A Penny
A Piece of Your Mind
A Place of Brokenness
A Really Good Answer
A Special Prayer from Psalma Mama
A Well of Water
A Well-Watered Garden
Abba & What it Means
Altogether Lovely One
An Indian in Blue Jeans
An Old, Old House
Angel Food
Are We There Yet?
As Providence Decrees
Asking in Faith
Are You His Child?

Awaken Our Hearts
Bar for Sale
Be Filled with His Spirit
Be Happy for Me
Be My Trellis
Be of Good Courage
Be Strong, Do Not Be Afraid
Because You're Worthy
Behold, the Rose!
Between God and Jonah & Me
Bless Us with Light to Understand
Book Launch
Bragging on the Lord
But Our Eyes are Upon You
Called By Name
Can't Wait to See My Friend
Choose Life (Part One)
Choose Life (Part Two)
Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve
Christmas Is in Our Hearts
Come Back My Loved One
Communion with the Lord
Completely His
Continual Acceptance
Covenant with my Eyes
Cuddling Years
Daily Prayer for the Schools
Dear Mommy on Mother's Day
Defending God's Honor
Delight in Doing His Will
Deliver my Soul God
Detachment Disorder
Do Unto Others
Does it Really Matter?
Don't Let a Lion Live in Your House
Don't Let Your Heart Turn Off
Draw Near
During Your Sorrow
Eating for Strength
Edie's Bedtime Prayer
Even as Your Soul Prospers
Excellence is a Habit
Faith Is...
Favorite Thing
Fill Up Your JOY Tank
Finding Our Purpose
First Love
Follow Me
Follow the Leader
For God Guard Your Heart
For Our Forgiveness
For the Longing Heart
Forgive and Forbear
Forgotten Animals
Free Inside
From the Highest Height
Givers and Takers
God Answers
God Never Changes
God Puts It in our Spirit
God Will Empower Our Words
GOD's "Bucket List"
God's Mercy
GOD's Rescue Team
God's Thoughts
Going Fishing
Gold Nuggets
Good Gravy Train
Good Morning!
Good Morning, Heaven
Gossip or Gospel?
Greater is He in Me
Growing Up
Guard Your Heart
Guilty, or Not?
Happy Father's Day!!
Have You Been to The Cross?
Have You Thought About Forgiving Yourself?
He Feels Your Hugs
He Gave Me Your Name
He is Not a Mere Mortal
He is Thinking About You
He Loved Me First
He Stands Over His Word
He Stood With Me
He Will Hear My Voice
He's Waiting on Us
Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart Conversations with God
Heart to Heart, Face to Face
Here at the Cross
Here Inside My Heart
His Mother Mary's Eyes
His Words Are Alive
Hold On a Little Longer
Hoo? Hoo?
How Can We Doubt?
How Do You Know?
How to Love and How to Pray
How to NOT Worry
How Well Do You Know Jesus?
Huddle Up, Get Together
I AM More Than You Know
I am Still Learning
I AM That I AM
I Can Handle It for You
I Come to the Cross
I Didn't Know
I Gave it my Best Shot
I Just Wanna Serve the Lord
I Love You!
I Love You, Does it Matter?
I Miss You Mother
I Need Not Fear
I See You Working
I Want to Love Like You
I Will Guide You with My Eye
I Will Hearken unto You
I Wished We Could Hear Your Heart
I'm Not Through With You
If You Didn't Have a Tongue
If You Have to GoThat Way
In His Visit
In Need of GOD's Touch
In the Light of His Holiness
In Your Grace
Invitations from the Devil
It is the Gift of God
It Wasn't Me
It's a Good Thing
It's a Good Thing I Didn't Take My Life
It's Never Too Late
It's not Worth a Stroke
It's Time
Jesus and Children
Jesus is "Real"
Jesus, Do You Love Me Now?
Just a Minute Lord
Keep Expecting!
Know Him as Friend
Learning to Trust GOD
Let our Light Shine Brighter
Let Us Encourage Each Other
Let us not Forget to be Merciful
Let Us Reason
Life Abundantly
Like Thunder Speaking to my Soul
Little Keegan
Living the Resurrected Life
Look Beyond the Negative
Love Does Not Parade Itself
Love in Action
Love is not Soon Angry
Love like You've Never Been Hurt

Ma and Pa Kettle
Make Room for Truth
Misread Signs
More Than You've Ever Seen
Mothers and Fathers
Mountain Climbing
My Old Man
My Prince
My Voice
Never a Need
New Word Game
No Better Time Than Now
No Less and No More
No Matter What
No Substitute for Obedience
Not a Good Trade
Now That I'm Gone
O, Empower Me!
Oh God, You are My God
On a Swift Cloud
On the Throne of our Heart
Once Again
One Man Found a Cure
Only at The Throne
Only Love in Our Heart
Our Life is Like A Flower
Our New Outfit
Pastors, Part I
Pastors, Part II
Peculiar Treasure
Please Save Us All Once Again!
Please Scoop Us Up
Pleasing in His Sight
Pray Without Ceasing
Precious Memories
Precious Moments with Emma Bella
Press Your Heart Close to His
Pressing in Close
Red Rover, Red Rover
Replace it with Something Better
Reflect on What Jesus Gave Us
Responding to the Fire
Road Trip
Seeing Jesus is Enough for me!
Seek Help His Way
Shepherd and Guide my Thoughts
Short Quotes
Showing How We Trust God
Since God is Love
Sit Down America
So Great a Salvation
So Walk in Him
Softly and Tenderly
Something Huge Planned
Song of Her Beloved
Song of Her Beloved- Audio
Speak Life to Yourself
Start Out Believing Small
Stay Awake & On Course
Stay in the Ring
Sticks and Stones
Storing Up For Heaven
Story of the High Priest
Story of the Lamp
Stretched Beyond My Reach
Strong in the Lord
Surrounded By Angels
Take the Chill Off
Take Them to the Cross
Talk to the Hand
Talk to Your Soul
Teaching Katie to Mind Her Own Business
That Kindness Will Lead Them
That's a Bunch of Bull
The Baby Book
The Best Part of My Day
The Big Brown Bear & Three Blonde Triplets
The Bread of Life
The Cross
The Darkest Time Of My Life
The Father of Lights
The Finger of God
The Fourth Man
The Girl Called Ineeda
The God of Peace
The Ground is Level at the Foot of the Cross
The Little Children
The Lord Bless and Keep You
The Lord Will Build Up His People
The Lord's Prayer
The Place
The Predator
The Prince, the Princess and the Dragon
The Principles of Giving
The Reasons
The Rock
The Secret Place
The Secret to Success
The Stranger in the Basement
The Unlovely
The Untold Tale
The Water at the Well
The Wedding and the Feast
The Word of GOD in Me
Then to My Father's House
They are Watching Your Life
Things That Come & Go but Make Us Happy While They're Here
Think on Your Love for Me
This Thing Called Life
Thy Rod and Thy Word
Time for a Heart Transplant
To Be Whole Down to my Soul
To Live with no Motivation
To Not Forsake Assembling Together
To the Rescue
Too Hard to Push
Trust in Me With All Your Heart
Two Wolves
Voice of His Word
Waiting in Your Presence
Was That Really God?
We are Under His Shadow
We Can Sure Learn a Lot From Children
What a Beautiful Hopeful Promise
What a Wonderful GOD We Have
What His Will and Solutions Are
What Kind of Love is This?
What Now?
What Season Are You In?
What's Missing?
When We Walk in Harmony
Where Are the "Real" Christians?
Where are You?

Where are Your Chosen Few?
Where Was God?
While You Are Sleeping
"With Contentment"
Who Has a Light?
Who I Used To Be
Who is My Mother?
Who is that in the Mirror?
Who Is the King of the Jungle?
Who Says We Cannot Have a Cross?
Who Will Defend My Honor?
Whoever is Not Against Us
Why Risk It?
Will you not be Afraid of the Power?
Will You Suffer With Him?
With Nails in His Hands
Without Words
Wonder Why Your Prayers Aren't Being Answered?
Words to Live By
Work Heartily
You Are Valuable
You Can Too
You Need Him
You See Something Different
Your Family Will Be Protected
Your Hand

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