Tag Team for Jesus Christ
You Are Valuable

I feel led to tell you today,
"GOD named every star:
And, you are so much more special to Him
Just the way you are!
GOD took the time to design you
In His Image you were made:
He had many plans written out for you
Before the foundations were laid.
Now, whether you are a Janitor
Or made your way to a Manager,
GOD says, "You're important to Me,
And I can see all you can be!
I sent My Son to die for you,
Whether you believe, it is still true,
And, I love you!
Jesus took the punishment for your sin,
He made a way for you to be forgiven.
So, why not come to Me
Today you can be guilt-free:
With your mouth, confess "Jesus is Lord"
For with the mouth confession is made:
Then, believe in your heart I raised Him
Up from the grave.
Then I will give you a heart-transfusion
The blood of Jesus will make you clean:
You will be given a soft heart
And more Joy than you've ever dreamed.
Your life will have some roses,
It will also have some thorns;
But, you'll never be alone again,
For you'll have been reborn.
I will be your heavenly Father,
And you will be My child
Because I will adopt you,
When you come and be reconciled.
I love you!"
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