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Who Will Defend My Honor?

Shadrach said to Meshach, "I never dreamed we'd be here! I just knew GOD would deliver before now; but don't give in to fear. I don't know how to explain it, but I know it will be okay. Love the Lord through it all, and fear will go away."
King Nebuchadnezzar (we'll call him the Zar) had a dream but didn't know what it meant; so he called for the astrologers, sorcerers, and magicians, demanding they be sent. The Zar was like a bear with a sore bottom because no one could interpret his dream. He was sorry he even called them, and saw they knew nothing.
The Zar was furious at anyone who confessed to be smart: he gave the command to destroy every wise man, to immediately stop their heart.
Daniel, who later dealt with some lions had three very close friends: he told Rack, Shack, and Nego they'd better hide their rear ends!
"Let's pray to the GOD of Heaven, and ask Him to have mercy on our soul."
They did and GOD gave the meaning to Daniel of the dream no one could know.
Daniel thanked the Lord, Who is and was King over all kings, and said, "You give wisdom to the wise and reveal deep and secret things." (Daniel 2:22)
"I praise You and thank You O GOD of my fathers! You have given me wisdom and might, and have now made known what we asked: the meaning of the king's dream in the night."
Daniel was humble and said to the Zar, "It isn't because I'm smart, but the GOD of heaven reveals this through me that He might show you your heart. Also to protect us, for we belong to Him." Then when Daniel revealed its meaning, the Zar highly respected him. It was obvious to Zar the king, Daniel was a true man of GOD; for he spoke with great authority from the GOD of all other gods.
Then the Zar made Daniel a ruler over the whole province. (Looks like it's been proven that following GOD makes plenty of sense!)
Then Rack, Shack, and Nego were put in charge of the affairs, while the magicians, sorcerers, and astrologers could only put on airs.
The Zar admitted that The One True GOD "is truly The GOD of all gods!"
Yet, (as it is the case with many today) to pledge his allegiance, he would NOT.
How tragic that the Zar made an image to serve, when he could have served the real King. To top it off, he invited many "important" people to come bow before the thing. At the time of the dedication, the Zar stood up proud: he commanded each person to bow to the image once the music started playing real loud.
"Whoever doesn't fall down and worship the image"
the Zar said with sternness,
shall be cast immediately into a burning fiery furnace!"
* Dear Christian brothers and sisters, we are living in a day like this.
I had a giant in my way that tried to make me run in fear, then I heard The Lord ask me
with much concern, “Who will defend My honor?”

“O GOD” I said trembling, “Help me to defend Your honor and slay this giant like David did, and to not bow down to the tempter, but be an example like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were. Give me the strength and courage in this hour to defeat my foe.” He did, and that same strength is yours today, just reach out and accept it by faith.
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