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Waiting in Your Presence

Do you realize the mountain you keep going around, is the one GOD purposed for you to climb? Also, did you know, the areas you struggle the hardest in are the very areas GOD wants to use you to set others free?

"For if the will of GOD be so, it is better to suffer for doing good rather than to suffer for doing wrong." We're going to suffer either way, so might as well be for doing the right thing and please our Lord, right, so we can be effective in other's lives?

You'll turn it all around for me, Lord, I know You will:
While I am waiting in Your Presence, still.
O that I would decrease until You are heard and seen
Your overcoming Love alone pouring out of me.
Your overcoming Love alone Lord, pouring out of me.

Yes Lord, Yes Lord Amen!
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