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Then to My Father's House

Let this be your prayer today:
The Lord is my Shepherd! I shall lack no good thing:
He causes me to triumph and gives me a new song to sing.
He makes me to lie down in peace and sleep:
He wakes me with mercy in fresh pastures green.
He leads me to a place of quiet and rest
Through worship and trusting Him in each test.
He restores all the devil has stolen from me:
My emotions, my will, and my mind He sets free.
He leads me in the right way I should go
For His Name's sake, His comforts delight my soul.
Yea, though I walk through the valley so dark,
With the shadow of death threatening my heart;
I will not fear the shadow, it cannot hurt me:
You are with me O Lord, meeting every need.
Your rod will correct me, and fight all my foes;
Your staff will protect me and keep me ever close.
You prepare a table here before me:
With fruits of Your Spirit, far as the eye can see.
You anoint my head with the oil of gladness:
My cup is so full, it drowns away sadness.
It overflows to bless each one around:
Where sin is present, Your grace will abound.
Surely goodness and mercy shall stay with me
All my days, and through eternity;
Then to my Father's house I will go;
For Jesus said, Where I AM, you will be also."
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