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The Untold Tale

Ladies  & Gentlemen, little kids too!
Bullfrogs with hiccups who wear green shoes:
Sit right here and stand for a while, there against the rail,
And I'll tell you a true story: Yes, a lie is what I'll tell:
Once there was an old man as young as he could be
Who loved to pick wild berries while sailing on the sea.
He drove his motorcycle across the ocean blue;
There he met a young maiden - older than he was, too!
They fell in love and married the day before their Wedding
And wanted to lived "ever after", but they kept on forgetting.
They bought a large house together: a small one bedroom apartment;
And kept all their belongings in their car, in the glove-compartment.
One day while it was nightime, his wife died while she was alive:
He bought her a beautiful coffin, she was dying to get inside.
The Preacher stuttered so badly, the funeral went 10 days & nights!
The man & his wife got impatient, and left without saying, "goodbye."
They lived a long time together, then died before they were born;
The moral of this story is: Dawn is full of CORN!
I asked the Lord in 2005 to give me something really cute for the children at the children's home, and this came to me. The children loved it, so you see, GOD is FUN too when you get to know Him, you'll see. Thank you for reading!
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