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I have been meaning to get on the computer since early this morning, but haven't so anyway, this is what I feel The Lord put on my heart to share with you: A while back, I had a dream I was wearing the full-armor from head to feet. I was walking through a very thick jungle and spotted a clearing with a huge rock, and just couldn't resist going over and sitting on it to relax a minute. Well, I couldn't sit down with the armor on... got to thinking "Ooo, wouldn't it feel good to take my helmet off for just a minute and let the breeze blow my hair? What could it hurt?" So, I took off the helmet and man o man it felt good to let my hair down; then I thought to myself, "Hey! No one's around, they probably don't even know this place is here, I'm gonna take off this big heavy breastplate." "O YES, this is what living is all about!" I thought to myself. "Why not just let everything else hang out upside down, woohoo! And wouldn't it feel good just to let my toes wiggle around for a minute and get some air? What could it hurt? It's just for a minute."
About that time, the meanest looking guy I ever saw stepped out of the jungle into the clearing where I was, and aimed his very large gun at me. I had this really not so good reality check at that moment. I looked at him with a look that said, "Uhh, would you believe.... MERCY?" He glared back at me with a look that said, "Uhh, wat u think?!" O BOY, I knew my goose was in the pot, cooked, eaten, digested, and out for waste. Then I woke up. WHEW! That was pretty frightening!!
What a wake-up call! All these Scriptures flooded my mind after waking: "Be sober,, be vigilant, for your adversary the devil goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." and "Submit yourself unto GOD, resist the devil and he will flee." and "Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are all the issues of life." and "Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." and "For it is better, if the will of GOD be so, to suffer for doing good rather than to suffer for doing wrong."
Many more Verses even came to me at that point. I needed them too!! How about you? If you're letting every thought that wants to take up residence in you come in, stop it! The Lord tells us what to think on in Philippians 4. When we get off from doing that through our eye-gate, or ear-gate, and just get lazy with our thoughts, it's like wearing a crown of thorns that Jesus wore for us already, so we could put off our mind, and take up His. I could say so much on this subject, but I'll let Jesus do the talking. I pray this helps somebody! P.S. If I had been standing on the rock instead of sitting on it, I would have seen my enemy first. Hmm.
Just a thought I was thinking.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 01-23-15
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