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The Predator

You might remember the old story of the large Poodle who was owned by a very wealthy woman. Now, the very wealthy woman decided to go to Africa on a photo shoot. The woman took along her poodle, and while she was talking to the tour guide, her poodle spotted a butterfly flying low and decided to chase it. She chased the butterfly into the jungle when a nearby leopard resting up in a tree spotted the large poodle. The leopard was hungry and was grateful his lunch came to him: (thought he'd get himself some curly fries.)
About that time, the poodle looked up and saw the leopard looking right at her, so she made a run for it. This curly pooch had heard her owner pray for wisdom many times, she thought it couldn't hurt so she asked GOD for wisdom too; then the clever thought came to her: the oversized poodle spotted a pile of bones from an old dead corpse lying on the ground before her, so she sat with her back to the leopard, pretending to feast, and right before the leopard pounced on her, poodle yelled out, "My that was a delicious leopard, I must have another one!" The leopard quickly ran away.
Meanwhile, in a tree close by, the monkey saw the whole thing and thought he'd gain some protection from the big cat if he told him, so he hollered to the leopard and told all. The leopard was furious the poodle had snookered him, so he told the monkey to hop on his back, and off they went to get them a full-meal-deal. The poodle looked up and saw them both headed for her at a fast pace, so she asked GOD for wisdom again. Here it came, and the poodle turned her back on both predators and right before they got to her, poodle yelled out, "I sent that monkey off an hour ago to get me another leopard, where could that monkey be!"
I said all of that to say, Friends, we have predators after our mind, will, and emotions. GOD told us "Guard your heart (our thoughts) with all diligence, for out of it are all the issues of life." He also said, "Be alert, be sober, and vigilant; for your adversary, the devil goes about like a roaring lion (or a hungry leopard) seeking whom he may devour." He would like to get us to return evil for evil. Don't do it! or to be wise in our own opinion, and to keep our thoughts on what we can get on the earth. Don't do that either! Instead, let us focus on our Savior, and use the Word like He did. When we see what our enemy, the devil is up to, we can say, "Hmm, I sent that Scripture Verse out an hour ago, it should be catching up to the devil any minute now."
We'll sure be a lot happier. Have a blessed day using the Word of GOD and the Name of Jesus every chance you get.
Woohoo, Amen.
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