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A friend of mine was sharing with me the different items she orders and sells at her breakfast cafe. When I asked her to describe three of the items I was interested in, she did. I ordered the first one for a friend, and when the 2nd one was described, without thinking, I blurted out to my friend, "O, my Mother would really like that one!" I was about to ask her to set that one aside, then suddenly remembered my Mother had passed. How can I keep forgetting?
Afterward, a sadness came on me I couldn't seem to shake, so I asked Jesus for His help. Right then the Verse came to me from Philippians 4:8 and 9 where The Lord tells us "the GOD of peace" will be with us when we "think on these things: things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, good report; virtuous things, and praise worthy things." I thanked Him then turned my thoughts to do just that as best I could. Soon after, someone else asked me how my new little puppy, Benny was doing, then they asked how old he was and told me I should give him a birth date. I said, "Well, he showed up on our porch November 24th." I went back 8 weeks in my journal since Benny was about that old when he arrived; it was the day after my Mother passed, so I backed it up a day and gave him September 28th for his birthday, so I can think on the gift of life GOD brought to our house on that day, along with my Mother getting to meet Jesus face to Face. Also, that is my niece's birthday whom I love. I find myself starting to fall into depressive thoughts, and it's a fight to keep my head above water, like it is for you at times; but we must fight, and not give in, or else we'll not only drown, but we'll displease the Lord, and not be of any help to anyone else. Besides, depression is a lonely place, a selfish place, and a place of disobedience where we don't want to go; since the Word tells us, "Be anxious for nothing" and, "Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad."
We have to purpose in our heart we will "think on these things,
then the GOD of peace will be with you."
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