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Sticks and Stones

"Sticks and stones can break my bones;"
but words can hurt deeper and longer!!
And everybody said, "Amen." I believe that's how that old childhood saying should go, instead of saying, "but words can never hurt me."
Have you ever noticed, if you call someone up and repeat how someone hurt you, that pain and un-forgiveness gets watered like a weed and the root grows deeper in you? Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Let's encourage each other to speak lif...e to those in our household, and others we speak to on the phone today. When I was a new Christian, I was so observant of how Christians behaved, so I could learn. There was one woman in particular who was SO kind and helpful to people at church, but she seemed like such a different person out of church. I especially noticed it at drive-thru windows. This "Christian" woman would talk to the hard working person in the window just like they were so unimportant and had no value. It hurt me deep inside for the person to be treated like that. Later I realized, that was Jesus in my heart hurting for them. The Lord was teaching me early on, even though I was almost 30 yrs. old, to treat people as the important person they are.
I fail many times, but I'm learning.
Yesterday I left doctor and went for a pedicure. (I miss being able to do my own.) A woman had me go to the foot bowl, and motioned to a young man to do my toes. It just jumped out of my mouth, I said, "O, I don't want a MAN to touch my feet." The gentleman looked kinda hurt, and another woman there said he does "very good job" I thought of how he may need the money, so I said it would be alright. He did a better job, and was more gentle than anyone I've had do my toes. He was sniffling a lot and I could tell his sinuses were bothering him. I told him, "These chemicals aren't good for you to smell, have you thought of another job?" He said he had. As we talked, I asked him if he graduated overseas where he was raised, he said no. I asked if he graduated in the U.S., he again said no and looked embarrassed. I told him not to feel bad, that I just got my G.E.D. about five years ago. He laughed so hard, he could hardly believe it. After we both laughed, I encouraged him to get his G.E.D. and before you know it, he was convinced he would.
I was happy because I got to speak "Life" into someone. My husband is still on spring break from teaching school, and will be waking up any minute. I better go and ask the Lord to give me words of life to encourage him this morning.
Have a blessed day as you follow Jesus.
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