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Good Morning Readers! The Lord bless you today as you live for Him.
Headlines in the news today say there are some who are trying to do away with anything to do with the Name of Jesus. That doesn't surprise me: the devil has tried to do that for years. The devil is a liar and the "father of lies" and he hates truth, since Jesus is the Truth.
A friend of mine said, before she was a bank teller, she had to go through some pretty difficult mathematics training. During that training they never once showed her a counterfeit bill. They only showed her the true thing over and over and over again. The reason they did that is so when my friend saw the false thing, BAM... she would know it wasn't real, right away.
This is why we need to read our Bibles, the Words of truth over and over and over again. Then when we hear the devil, the old thinking, or the world's, we will know it is not the truth, and to run from it. That is part of our new outfit (armor of GOD) we are to wear everyday if we don't want to go to battle naked. Ephesians 6:14
The truth from The Word! Guard it well, it is the only truth we have!
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