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Only at The Throne

"Haven't I always been there providing for you?
Haven't I been there for our talks, and haven't I followed through?
Why wouldn't I meet your need that you have today?
Would I meet it quicker if you turn to walk away,
And go out searching for another love, like the god of quick pay?
Isn't My grace sufficient, or do you want another way?
Haven't I shown My love to you time and time again?
Haven't I done beyond and above what you imagined My friend?
Why would you look for help from man instead of seeking My Face?
Haven't I known what time it is since I set the world in space?
I AM your Comforting Father; I have the Shoulder you need:
You only have to go to someone else, when you're not obeying Me.
Haven't I set things in order, and shown you to follow My Word?
Haven't I said I would care for you much more than the tiny bird?
Nothing can separate you from My love, no matter what!
Tell your problems only to Me, and trust in the help I have got!
You are not being phony or fake, but you bring glory to Me,
When your needs are known only at the throne, and
trust is all other's see!"
Father, Thank You for reminding me again to not wear my problems on my sleeves. To not tell my needs to a single soul, except to You, for I don't know what my real needs are half the time anyway. Thank You for reminding me You supply our every need. You just want me to rest in that, and be there for others, instead of wanting others to be there for me. When I keep busy seeing what I can do for another to lighten their load, Father GOD, You always lighten mine through someone else. Thank You Lord Jesus, Amen.
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