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Love is not Soon Angry

Do you yourself, or do you know someone with a deep frustration, or anger problem?
Someone told my husband and me about a fit of outrage he just had in the wee hours of the morning: he said the neighbor's dog across the street from him has this high-pitched yelping bark and barked off and on (mostly on) from 11pm to 3am, to 4am, to 5am. The man telling the story described his emotions. He said, "I was getting madder and madder and then I got furious, and by 5:30 a.m., I had had it!" "I got in my truck and backed up" he said, "I raced over there, pulled up in their driveway, fuming as I went." He continued, "I climbed up the steps to the house and banged on their door with the side of my fist. No one came to the door. It made me even more outraged, so I banged harder till the whole door shook. Still no one came to the door or even peeked out the blind. That made me even madder, so I got back in my truck, sat on my horn with my fist while pulling up the rest of their driveway as fast as I could. Then something unexpected happened: I rammed my truck into a tree I didn't see. That made me so much angrier! I didn't know what to do then, so I straightened the truck up (it was still dark outside), and backed up another way, and hit another tree real hard!"
I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Now if that wasn't enough.
He said when he hit that tree, a big branch came barreling down on the top of his truck. You should see his truck: it looks like he's been in an awful wreck. He concluded his story: "All that anger, all that rage, and fuming and banging on the door, and honking, and waking up other neighbors now, all of that, for what? No one was even home!!!!!!"
Well, thank GOD no one was home or he may have been shot. And, thank GOD no one was home, because whatever he had to tell them about Jesus and His "love" from now on wouldn't do a bit of good!
We can all get mad sometimes; but we have to remember "Love is not soon angry"; "Love your neighbor as yourself"; What is love? "Love is patient"; "Love is kind"; "Love vaunteth not itself"; "is not puffed up"; "vaunteth not itself" which means “to make a vain display of one's own worth; prideful.)
If we want to share the fruits of the Spirit from our tree, let us exercise "self-control" and walk in love. We gave up our rights at the foot of the Cross.
I had to ask myself, since I knew that would get on my last nerve too, for a dog to yelp all through the night. Then I remembered why I bought those ear-plugs, so suggested those. It is very difficult to give a kind and patient part of yourself up, then try to get it back.
Father GOD, help me to remember to love my neighbor as myself. To remember they are watching my life, my reactions, and listening to the words that come out of my mouth, in Jesus' Name. O, and Lord, help me to remember to buy ear-plugs when I go to the store today please. Thanks! Amen.

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