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I read one time "There is no comfort in the growth zone."
Whew wee, is that ever true. Even babies cry when they get growing pains, and new teeth coming in. The new is better, but it doesn't come easy. It's all worth it when we see the outcome, the progress that has been made. "There is no growth in the comfort zone." We don't want to be lukewarm, or else GOD will spew us out of His Mouth like a cool bowl of chili. Sure don't want that! "Jesus endured the Cross" when He kept His focus on the joy that was before Him, of having all of us overcoming since He did, and so Jesus could present us blameless before our Father one day soon. When we see why we overcame this world, and what we traded it for, all of our trials will seem as nothing, and our eternal blessings with Jesus our Lord, and GOD our Father, and the Person of the Holy Spirit, we'll say, "I didn't go through near what I should have, praise GOD, but what I did overcome, it was well worth it getting to see Face to face the One
Who loved me through it each step of the way!!!
Jesus, I didn't do nothing
I didn't do nothing to deserve Your love!
Jesus, I didn't bring nothing
I didn't bring nothing to get on Your side!
O, and Jesus, I didn't say nothing
I couldn't say nothing to earn my place
In Your Arms, in Your Heart, in Your grace!

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