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In Need of GOD’s Touch

You're alone in a room, but many are where you are: in need of GOD's Touch. Does your soul faint for help and salvation that can only come
from the Lord Jesus?
This might be your prayer: Father GOD in Heaven, I come to You in Jesus' Name. You know the need when we don't know what it is. You see what's wrong when we don't see. You care so much deeper than we can comprehend. Thank You for that! Thank You for understanding our concerns in our inmost being.
This year is the most peculiar yet. It is a new season, and I'm not adjusting too well to the changes around me. There are many who feel this way, and I'm asking Father and Lord for all who come to You, needing Your guidance, that You show us how to walk through this dark valley. Be our light and lead us to our water source, for we are dry and thirsty. Satisfy the longing souls as only You can I pray. Thank You for hearing and listening, and answering as
You see fit,
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