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I Wished We Could Hear Your Heart

Military Man, we are praying for you
Wondering what you're going through.
Thank You so much, O I hope you're okay
All of us are fine here in the U.S.A.
I wished we could hear your heart
What are you going through?
What else can we do
To encourage you?
We love you! GOD does too
For you laying down your life the way you do.
Jesus bless your heart, your emotions, your soul:
And help you back to us here on America's soil.
While you're there, we pray He helps you when you're weak,
And when you cry silently until you go to sleep.
Don't forget He loves you, and is with you all the time:
You are not forgotten, you are always on His Mind.
Military Woman, we asked the same for you:
When you are afraid, that GOD comforts you!
He has got your family, they are in His care;
So don't you worry either, GOD hears your prayers.
Family who prays for your loved one's return:
GOD hears your heart and sees how it burns.
He knows where they are, and that's the safest place:
In His great big Hand, so remember this while you wait!
Don't let vain imaginings torment you so:
You aren't there, so you can't possibly know;
But GOD is everywhere, and He won't leave them alone:
So please remember this until your loved one's safely home.
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