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I Will Guide You with My Eye

Isn't it wild how the same parents can have two children that are so completely different. One child can be guided in the right direction with a parent's eyebrow; while the other child requires the whole body. HA! For you who don't understand why a parent would need "a whole body," the only way I know to explain is, sometimes you have to pick them up and go set them down somewhere, so they can think things over. I laughed when I saw Psalm 32:8 for the first time; it reads "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go' I will guide you with My Eye."
He does too! I remember when one of our children would start to do something in public that would displease me, and all I'd have to do is give "that look." You know what I mean? That look in Mama's or Daddy's eyes says, "Not a good idea." Or, other times, to show your delight in them, you give them a look that comes with a twinkle in your eye. When I'm not sure if I'm hearing from the Lord right, I often times wait for "the look." You can see it in your spirit. Like yesterday, I asked the Lord the reason for me feeling I was displeasing Him. Sure enough, He gave me a Word from the Scriptures in my spirit. When I obeyed it and said, "You mean, like this?" I felt He was delighted and had that twinkle in His Eye that said, "I AM pleased with you."
Whew wee, that's a great feeling, to know I have pleased the One Who continually blesses me.
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