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A Skit Called:
How Do You Know?
(The Lord put this on my heart yesterday.)

Henry: So, I heard you got married the other day
Dawn: Yep, George and I got married last Saturday
Henry: So, you’re married now?
Dawn: Yes!
Henry: Well, how do you know?
Dawn: Uhh, wait! Did I just hear you right: did you just ask me how I know I just got married?
Henry: Yes.
Dawn: Well that's a weird question. If you had asked me “Where did ya’ll go on your honeymoon?” or, “Were many people there?” or, “Where will you be living now?” I would have understood; but your question doesn’t make any sense: “How do you know you’re married?” “Umm, because I said, “I Do!”
Henry: So, you know you’re married just because you said some words, “I Do?”
Dawn: Yes! O, and plus I have this beautiful wedding ring to prove it... see?

Henry: Oooo ya-uh, that's real pretty; but what if something happened to that pretty ring, like if it came up missing, or you laid it down for a minute and someone stole it? How would you prove you are married then?
Dawn: O Man, good question. Hopefully that won't ever happen.
Henry: But if it does?
Dawn: If it does, well... I couldn't tell ya: Hey! Wait a minute, yes I could b/c we have a marriage certificate. Why didn't I think about that before? We even put it in a frame and put it on our wall in our bedroom. So see, that's how I know for sure we are married.
Henry: Now you wait a minute! What if the wall fell down and busted the glass in that frame in a million pieces, and the glass cut that certificate into a million pieces too? What would you do then? How would you know you were really married, or would you still be married then?
Dawn: O my! You're starting to really make me feel concerned now! I guess if something happened to all the proof's we are married... Hey!! I just thought of something! Dadgum! I've got it! I have his last name on my driver's license!
Henry: But, what if your license got suspended, or you were to lose your license somewhere? Could you prove you were REALLY married then?
Dawn: You got me there. Okay, you win; so what do we do about this? O hold on a dog gone minute Mr.! My new name is registered with the Social Security office, and they have it on file. That is my correct name, and no one can convince them otherwise because it is final when it is in their files! Whew! Now I know for sure!
So, what are you thinking?
Henry: That's it, you've got it! Now I'm convinced you really are married.
Dawn: About time! You really had me going there. Say! I could ask YOU the same thing: you say you're a child of GOD and have been "born-again" but how do YOU know that?
Henry: Huh! Good question. Well, I know I'm born again because I said a prayer one time and asked Jesus to come into my heart, and I go to church now.
Dawn: So! Just because you said a few words, and do a few things right, you think that saves you and makes you new? Ha! That doesn't even sound right. I mean, don't get me wrong: I know you're a good person and help people and stuff like that, but a lot of good people aren't going to be in Heaven. Can you convince me YOU are a child of GOD?
Henry: Well, I am convinced within myself because GOD's Spirit witnesses with my spirit that I am His child. Jesus said, "My sheep hear my Voice, and they follow Me. I call them each by name." I’ve heard Him call my name. He said, “Henry, follow Me.” I heard His voice and started following Him right away. I mean, I mess up sometimes, in fact, more often than I mean to…
Dawn: Wait! You still haven’t told me how you know you’re a child of GOD. I mean, I know you know this: that a lot of people are going to stand before GOD at the end of their lives, and so many will be shocked when they find out they didn’t make it in when Jesus says to them, “Depart from Me, I never knew you: you prayed all the time, “Lord” this, and “Lord” that; but you never did what I said.”
Henry: Okay, I just thought of something: I know for sure I’m a child of GOD!
Dawn: Good! So, how?
Henry: Okay, if you were to meet someone who use to know me, they would tell you how much I have changed for the better.
Dawn: So, why is that? Is it because you have gotten older and kind of mellowed out some through the years?
Henry: No! I know exactly what it is: Okay, I’ll just tell you like this: The old me is passed away like a dead person, not alive, but in the grave and covered up to be seen no more. I’m here, but everything is new in me. I’m telling you, GOD took my old hard stoney, bitter cold, unforgiving heart, full of addictions, depression, and fear, and anger and all kinds of other gunk. He took it out, and did a heart transplant on me. He gave me a new heart, and a fresh start.
That’s how I know that I’ve been born-again because He took my old heart out and gave me a soft heart, the heart of Jesus Christ His Son, a heart full of love I’ve never known before. And besides that, you know when you said you know you’re married because you have a new name and that name has been registered and is on file?
Dawn: Yes.
Henry: GOD gave me a new name too, and my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and is registered in Heaven. The King of all kings, and Lord of lords has a book, and my name is in it buddy! I’ve been approved, I’ve been chosen, and you have too just like you are. He did His part, now your part is: He said, "If you will confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that GOD raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9, 10.
Dawn: Well, I guess we’ve convinced ourselves and each other today. I knew you were a child of GOD all along because I see His love at work in you every day. I just wanted to make sure you knew, so the devil can’t convince you otherwise.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 06-09-15
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