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Hoo? Hoo?

Who stoops down from His throne to save me?
Who knows what is ahead?
Who inspired every Word in the Bible & performs what He says?
Who pleads my cause with those who strive with me?
Who shuts the mouth of the lion so he cannot deceive?
Who takes hold of shield and buckler and stands up for my help?
Whose eyes are on the one not living for himself?
Whose ears I wonder, are open to their cry?
Whose face is against the evil and those who lie?
Who is near to those who have a broken heart?
Who saves those who repent & cleanses every part?
And Who redeems His children's soul & helps us one and all?
Who delivers me out of every affliction & hears me when I call?
Who is this Shepherd keeping me from lacking any good thing?
Who makes me to lie down in green pastures, & leads me by the quiet stream?
Who leads me in the paths so I’ll do right, all for His Name’s sake?
Who told me a shadow cannot hurt me?
Who knows the way that I take?
Who delivers me from all my fears after I seek His face?
Who comforts me with His rod and staff, and puts me in my place?
Who prepares a table with the fruits of The Spirit, so I will love my enemies?
Who anoints my head with oil? Who fills my cup with life abundantly?
Who sends goodness & mercy to guard me all my days?
Who has built me a home in Heaven, and deserves all of my praise?

You GOD! You!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-15-15 from Psalm 34, 35, and 23
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