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You know when something occurs in your life, and from then on, your life will never be the same. August of last year, I began seeking The Lord for a deeper, more intimate heart to heart. He put it on my heart to start with Nehemiah chapter 1, and put it on my heart to do what Nehemiah did, and "start rebuilding." Before I could rebuild, GOD told me I needed to tear down some things first.
I felt led to make a priority list of things I kept meaning to "get to one of these days." For instance, needing to visit some shut-ins I hadn't visited in a while; writing letters that I had put off; organizing papers; etc. My goal by the end of Aug. was to have every one of the things on the list accomplished, along with spending quality time, more than usual with my Lord. I got all but the papers completed. Sept. arrived quickly and I was going to do the papers, but it's like that season was over for now. Do you know what I mean when I say, we have to do things when He puts it on our heart, because this might be our only chance to do it since tomorrow He will want us to do something else. "GOD rides a swift cloud" and I want to stay underneath it, don't you?! The Lord was dealing with me strong to accomplish different things in different months from then till now. The first month, my friend Patty and I had communion by phone daily, and prayer together. It was wonderful! One month, GOD told me it was time to tear down clutter in my thinking. I had started many books that I hadn't finished, dvd's of Andrew Wommack teachings, and "Power and Love" dvd teachings. The Lord compelled me to stop all the books for a while and focus on one book "His Word." WOW! That sure brought peace and much more stability. Then another month GOD compelled me to believe Him for something huge. Many people in my life were urging me to do the opposite. They have good intentions; but we need to watch ourselves that we are not speaking words that are "faith-busters" to someone's life. O Lord, I know I have not always spoken life to others and myself. I didn't realize I had a form of godliness, but I denied the power in Jesus' Name. In 2 Timothy 3, GOD tells us, from these "turn away."
Let me ask you what The Lord asked me: "If you were to hang out with just those who believe what My Word says about that, and will only speak life to you in this area as to build you up in the faith, and not try to convince you to take care of this situation the way the rest of the world would, who would you hang out with?"
What a question!!! How many times have we done something just because everyone else is doing it that way? I have been asking myself ever since, "How much do I believe GOD for?" and, "Father, how much do I love You? How much do I trust You?"
GOD's Word is not old timey! It still works. In Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever." I am at such a desperate place in my life to where I have to either believe what I feel GOD is telling me to do, and keep myself in The Word and listening to songs that agree with His report, or else I will have to believe the negative, and have to go the tragic route. Even if it means being alone, as I have felt for a few months, I must believe the report of The Lord, beyond all doubt. Will let you know how it goes; but I have a big feeling, I will please GOD if I keep it up till the victory is manifested.
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