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If you create your own storm, don’t get angry when you get stuck in the rain.  - Mr. C. Tang
Yesterday someone told us they were “So mad at GOD right now”
for things not going their way.
It is so wrong to get angry with GOD for the many wrong choices that have piled on top of each other and that we are suffering the consequences for. GOD corrects those whom He loves. You can ground your child for three weeks and they can be so mad at you and think you’re unfair. GOD can ground us, and for how long often depends on our response to His correction. We can respond in anger toward Him, or toward ourselves for our choices. We can either thank Him for not giving us what we deserve, and thank Him for being merciful and kind, or else we can be easily angered, and impatient toward others while we suffer. Someone once said, “I don’t need to control my anger! Everybody else just needs to control themselves and stop doing and saying stupid stuff that makes me mad.”
Some of us are mad at GOD, when we need to be mad at the devil. Others of us are angry with GOD, when we need to put the blame on
ourselves where it belongs.
How can we get mad at GOD for allowing circumstances in our life, when we deserve Hell? Instead, we need to walk closely with GOD, and press in to His Heart in repentance, agreeing with Him for our wrong doing, so we can get right with and be blameless before Him. That’s when we’ll be in the center of His will (not perfect, but forgiven), and our prayers will be answered, and we will see visible signs all around us of His goodness and intervention. Also, “The fruit of the righteous is a Tree of Life, and he who wins souls is wise.” GOD will empower our words then in the lives of people
who are where we have been.
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