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Free Inside

So many adults suffer from the trauma that happened in their past:
Maybe it happened little by little, how long will the memories harass?
Many times it was from a parent who wanted to control everything:
They may still try to manipulate you by verbally abusing.
To grow up with a parent who pretends to be one thing when they are another
Creates such thoughts of confusion in a child, they feel overcome and smothered.
When a parent lives for themselves, with no thought of the hurt it brings,
A child learns to be angry that no one seems to care about their dreams:
They even learn to be angry at GOD for not providing their needs;
But it wasn’t GOD’s fault, He sent the parent, but the parent did other things.
Now, if this is you I am talking to and you want to be free so bad
But you don’t know how to get out from under your very controlling Mom or Dad:
And you know you’re an emotional cripple because of the choices they made,
I encourage you, talk to GOD first, and ask Him to help you get away.
You won’t be able to move on or grow up until you do;
But let me tell you, when you do it to better yourself, GOD will be pleased with you.
He doesn’t want another person to guide you as only He can:
So forgive them and release yourself from living to please man.
It wasn’t GOD’s fault you were treated that way. He was angry too;
The devil is the one who has planned to steal, to deceive, and devour you.
What the devil has meant for your harm, GOD can turn it around:
If you will ask Him to take over your life, He can stand you up on solid ground.
When you run from the chaos and seek to lead a peaceful life,
GOD will reward you, and help you learn to be free inside.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-12-15
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