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One of my son's had just picked out a potted flower plant for his wife in the garden center of a store. He got to thinking his mother n' law would probably like one too. As he reached down to grab a second pot, a huge water moccasin came out from nowhere, caught him off guard and bit his leg. My son was wearing jean shorts, and was doing some high stepping moves because the snake came at him to strike him a second time. Thankfully, he was able to get out of the snakes way, but not without a ride to the ER, and much emotional trauma. He came real close to losing his leg that turned black from the knee down; but didn't. My son later said, "If that had been an elderly person, or a child, they would have been bit numerous times, because they couldn't get away fast enough like I did."
The Lord encourages us and warns us: "Guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it are all the issues of life."
Yesterday, I was caught off guard when I got a very strange text: it was from a number I never saw and it read something like, "I am about to do a trick on live stream. I am going to make my panties disappear. If you are interested, call this number."

Now, remember when I told you my son said, "If that had been an elderly person or a child....they couldn't get away fast enough?" I got to thinking, that text wasn't a temptation to me; but what if it had been sent to someone who had given their heart to the Lord, and the devil was trying to get it back? The spirit of seduction is running rampant in our time, because the devil knows his time is short, and he sees he can get a lot of people to fall through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the boastful pride of life.
Be on guard, for our adversary, the devil is like that sneaky and venomous snake: he is out to get the minds of as many as he can, because then he has their heart.
Do not walk in fear, but in love for GOD guard your heart, and put on the thoughts of Christ from His Word. "I hide GOD's Word in my heart that I might not sin against Him." Job made a promise to GOD he would not sin with his eyes. The cameras on t.v. and movies go to where the devil wants people to look in order to get a stronghold built in your life. Protect your soul and your children from watching things that will make you think impure thoughts. "Think on the pure and noble things." Philippians 4.

I pray this encourages someone. The Lord Jesus bless you and give you strength to please Him with your thoughts today!
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