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First Love

When a man sees his woman respecting another man, but not himself; or when his woman criticizes her man in public, it makes him feel small and insignificant. He steps out of his protector role when she stops treating him like a king, or a "boyfriend," even though he makes mistakes. When the woman stops speaking kind words to him, and honoring him; when she stops being enjoyable to be around, and stops doing what she can to keep the pizazz in the relationship, then he knows she's not praying for him like she was, and doesn't think he's important enough for her to put him first, after GOD. He knows she's stopped trying.
When the woman puts the children's needs and wants ahead of his, he goes to the back burner, and distances himself more and more. But, if she is attentive to his needs and does even the smallest things she knows pleases him, just because, her man recognizes that and can't do enough for her.
Women, I promise this works. If you will go back to your "first love" you showed, he can't help but notice your attentions are back on him. Give it a week or so, and he can't help but please you back.
P.S. Stop nagging and pray.
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