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With her birthday six months away, the little girl made it clear to her Daddy what she wanted more than anything else in the world for her birthday. The little girl hinted to her Daddy for the next 5 months, and had her hopes set high for a "pony." While she waited for the big day to arrive, she would do special things for her Dad in appreciation for what he was about to get for her. She would shine his shoes for his next day at work; she would clear the table before supper without being asked, and even bake his favorite desserts in the evenings.
The nine year old girl, about to turn ten would sit on her Dad's lap sometimes and read him stories she thought he would like. One particular night his daughter spent a long time coloring a picture she drew of a Dad and daughter riding on a horse side by side through the field together. When she presented the picture to her Dad, he was so impressed with her drawing, and also the dessert she had prepared for him that evening. When he asked her, "Why are you doing these kind things for me?" the daughter answered quickly, "I just want to because you're so good to me too!" Her Daddy smiled, and thought to himself, "O, if my little darling only knew what I have in store for her for her special day, she would be doing flips and bouncing all over these walls!" He was happier than she was about what he was getting ready to give her.
Her birthday had finally come, and the girl had set out a special outfit she wanted to wear so she would be ready to be helped onto her pony. She even got her helmet out that was given to her at the hospital after the accident two years ago, just in case her Dad made her wear it for added protection. The girl and her Mom had been in a terrible car crash that took her Mom's life, and crippled the girl's legs. She had undergone two major operations, and had went through so much therapy, and was doing so well, even putting her own leg braces on.
The birthday girl's older sister and brother made her stay in her room while they blew up balloons with the helium tank and decorated the den. The moment was finally here. The girl heard so much racket outside, she knew all the guest had probably arrived, and wondered if they were all in on her Daddy's surprise for her.
There was a great turn-out, and LOTS of presents. As happy as she was about the friends who showed up, and all the gifts, and all the games they played, and the beautiful store bought cake that had her favorite colored daisies all over it in icing, all the child could think about was the final gift, the BIG gift , the HUGE surprise her Daddy was going to break out any minute now.
The party ended, so the girl just knew her Dad must be waiting to give her the special gift with only the family there. When the last car pulled out of her driveway, tears filled the birthday girl's eyes as she looked up at her Daddy with high expectations and yelled out, “Where is it?” "Where's my pony? Where's my pony Daddy?"
Her Daddy's eyes welled with tears as he stood there speechless. He thought he had given his baby girl the best gift of her life, and that was to have all the people who loved her there on her special day. Her Daddy spent all that he had for her party to be just right.
When she realized it wasn't a trick: that her Daddy gave her what he wanted instead of what she said she wanted, she was mad, and ran to cry in her room.
The moral is: Sometimes we put our faith in GOD for something He didn't say we could have; then when we don't get it, we get mad, and run away from Him when we should be grateful that our Father knows what's best, and all He does for us is thought out in LOVE.

This is not the end, because, that night, the Dad let the girl cry for a little while, and think things over, then afterward, he went to her and held her close as she opened her heart to him and told him what she had expected all that time. He told his daughter how badly he would like for her to have a pony but didn’t think it was the best thing for her to have just yet. He asked if she would trust him on that, so his daughter completely let go that minute of what she thought was best for her. She hugged her Daddy and told him she would do her best to trust he knew what was best.
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