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Devotion I wrote on 11-18-14
Don’t Let Your Heart Turn Off
I was reminded this morning of a dream I had awhile back, and felt led to share it with you: In my dream, I was a little girl, and my favorite Aunt who passed away when I was very young was in my dream. She was a precious Christian woman named Fran. Anyway, in my dream, Aunt Fran came up to me and smiled with a very concerned look on her sweet face. Then, she looked at me seriously and said, "Don't let your heart turn off!" I repeated her words in a question: "Don't let my heart turn off?" Aunt Fran repeated the words again to make sure I got it: "Don't let your heart turn off!" When I woke, I was puzzled because I felt like the message was really from the Lord to me, but I didn't get it. After a couple of days went by, and later through the years, I understood perfectly what her words meant, as I'm sure some of you do. She was telling me, "Look, iniquity will abound, and the love of many will wax cold. Don't let your love wax cold. In a time when typing and texting seem to be the norm, and also the only form of communication between us and our loved ones, we are tempted to turn our heart off and stop caring as deeply as we did; to stop being concerned for each ones well-being as we did. With the negative surrounding us at times, we could, if we allow ourselves, become insensitive to the hurts and needs around us. I am encouraging myself and you too, "Don't let your heart turn off." Instead, love more than ever; be tender-hearted more than ever; pray more than ever; sing more than ever; shout "halleluiah" more than ever, and shame the devil, and make our Father smile till we get home.
Again, just a thought I was thinking and wanted to share with you because I care.
GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 11-18-14
Also written by me (Dawn) same day Just wanna say, I could never make up for all the years I wasted before I really knew the Lord. I had been to church a couple of times, but I hadn't been to Calvary and met Jesus personally, and saw where He died for me. At age 28, I met Him personally, thanks to a woman named, Nyla Klepac who taught me how. I have never been the same, always pressing on to know my Heavenly Father, and Jesus better, His Spirit to mine. I might not can make up for all the wasted years, but I can sure try! Right?
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