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Does It Really Matter?

I love GOD, and getting to know Him better and better. It is not at all what I thought the "Christian Life" was like. A woman named Nyla introduced me to The Lord when I was 28 yrs. old. "Introduced me?" Yes! I never knew I could meet The Creator of me and the whole universe. No one ever told me. And, I sure didn't know He would give me such an adventurous, happy life, even when I'm going through trials. He has given me such a FUN job of helping others to know Him, and He continually gives me songs, poems, devotions, stories; even jokes. I will share a poem with you; but first a joke: One night, my husband George and I returned home from Lubbock and George was tired so he got ready for bed. I checked on all the animals, and they were alright; but my pot-belly pig, Pork-Chop was so happy and was snorting so loudly, it gave me an idea. I ran inside and told George, "I think someone got Pork-Chop hooked on drugs while we were out of town!" George sat up real quick, his eyes almost popped out, as he yelled out, "WHAT? How do you know?" (Boy, he fell right into that one.) I told him, "Because.... I heard him snortin' behind the shed." HAHA! I got him GOOD, and that's not an easy task. He's so used to my shananagans. Bless his heart!
Okay, I am posting this next poem because there are so so many things that don't matter. I realized many things that don't matter whatsoever, when I was sick in bed more than out for over 9 yrs. I want to encourage you to listen to your thoughts and words and ask yourself, "How much time do I spend thinking on negative stuff?" What a waste of time. Hey, I'm guilty too, but it's not worth it! Life is too short and there's too much to do, and too many songs to sing, stories to tell, truths to learn, to think about and get out to others who want to learn. Here's the poem I pray blesses you.

What Will Matter Then

Soon the sky will roll up like a scroll
We will see the King of kings, Jesus on His throne
Nothing of earth will matter then:
All eyes will be fixed on Him.

Lord, You tell us to keep our thoughts on things above
Teach all denominations to walk with each other in love.
Convict us of pointing our finger, instead of reaching out our hand
May we linger in Your Presence, so we might understand.

Help us to bear all things, to be as patient and kind as You are
To please You with our thoughts about others in our heart.
Only then will they see Jesus and want to know Him too:
While there is time, use my life to point them to You.

Where there is time, use my life to point them to You.

By the way, Pork-Chop pulled a hamstring, we had to call SWINE-11, but he's okay now coz' they put some oinkment on him. Good thing too... now he won't be suing-suing. (Arkansas people will like that.)
That Pork-Chop was a real ham!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 08-21-13
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