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Bragging on the Lord

Hi All! I didn't want the evening to end without bragging on the Lord a little bit: Yesterday, this lap-top computer just quit working. Blank screen no matter what George or I did. George tried everything, even made a phone call to technical support, tried what they said, and still nothing. I unplugged it all night, hoping a good night's sleep would do it good and it would wake up on the sunny side this morning. Wasn't happening. Before going to work, Honey George said he would take it in sometime soon to a shop for repairs.
I tried one last thing. I said, "Lord, all things are possible with You,
and You know what's wrong... will You help please?
You said "If any man lacks wisdom (and I sure do), he can ask
and I will give it liberally." I asked simply, then a thought came to me right at that moment to press the On/Off button for ten seconds. I pressed the button, and started counting and realized I had counted the first five numbers too fast, so I counted to fifteen. After I let up, it turned on and has worked great ever since. I almost didn't tell ya'll, was afraid some would say "It was a coincidence" but I sure know better. Isn't that sweet
of the Lord!! A lot bigger things need to be answered,
I'd better get to praying hadn't I?
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