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She grew up with unnatural affections
Looking for help, but given wrong directions.
She longed for protection and someone to understand:
Instead she got a mother who kept her head in the sand.
Looking the other way doesn't make it go away:
Becoming a recluse doesn't stop the abuse.
She felt alone in her home with no one to take her side:
No one to confide in who would care for her life;
Religious confrontations, but where was GOD's love?
She never heard about Jesus, only about His blood:
The girl was led to believe it was all her fault
That Jesus had to suffer because she put Him on the Cross.
The girl grew up believing she could only count on herself:
That GOD was mad at her and didn't care how she felt.
This is so far from the Truth! The devil is a liar!
He's just trying to hide what's real and lead her to the fire!
I hate him so bad, all the damage he has done:
He accuses GOD of things to us, and accuses us to His Son.
I'm here to tell you the Truth, GOD designed and fashioned you,
He told the one who abused you, to not do that to you:
But they listened to another voice, the one whom they obey;
So don't blame GOD for the perverts who are in bondage and act that way!
Listen! I hope you are a parent who loves your children and protects them!
Don't you be afraid of the one who wrongfully selects them.
This is no time to think of yourself, get in the devil's way,
Hide your child from the predator, and get help right away:
No more excuses, put your children before yourselves.
That is when they will see the Love of GOD for themselves.
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