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A Different Story about the Birds and the Bees

Once Upon Today:

The ants got discontent with their small colonies
When they observed the large hives of the bees in the trees
The bees became discontented too with their hives
And said amongst themselves, “Why can’t we
be free like the butterflies?”
The butterflies said to the bees, “Let us all go nest with the
sparrows in the trees.”
The sparrows ate the butterflies, ants, and bees
Now the plants were suffering, so were flowers and trees
Two sparrows who are omnivores - flew for help
far away to the forest:
They called for all beetles, moths, and dragonflies:
“Go and pollinate and save our lives!”
When the moths and beetles and dragonflies
Came out from the forest, the eagles saw them with their eyes:
Then too the hawks, and other carnivores
Who said to them, “I like meat and can’t wait to eat yours!”
The falcons, and eagles, hawks, and owls
Agreed together they would go after the fowls:
The turkey, ostrich, ducks, geese, and the chicken
“Right now they sure would be “finger-lickin.”
Now there were no more turkeys, no more “Thanksgiving Day”
And no more eggs over easy, nor scrambled eggs on a plate.
A falcon insisted on calling a meeting:
“Things are getting out of hand, we’re only thinking of eating!”
“We need a leader” he cried in demand:
“How about GOD?” the eagle said.
Everything got very quiet then. “Well?” said the eagle, “How about it friends?”
“Friends?” one of the owls screeched out! “GOD is what this fuss is all about!”
Eagle was puzzled, “Why did you accuse GOD so fast?”
Owl answered angrily, “Must you even ask?”
“GOD is the one who insists things stay
Just like He put it: He only wants His way!”
“Well, what’s wrong with that?” eagle asked justly:
“After all, He created it, that’s how it must be!”
Anger rose up in the owl again; also the hawks, and every falcon.
They united themselves against the eagle that day
And came after him with vengeance but he flew away.
They planned an attack, their offenses interlinked
Their plot was, to make the eagle extinct.
To the eagle and his family, it made no sense
For the other birds to take such offense
To wanting the One Who created them
To be left out of what concerned Him.
Little by little they searched the clefts
And killed every eagle bird in its nests.
They looked for eagles on land below
Who were hunting for fish, or a fawn from a doe.
They found out where eagles like to congregate,
Where they drank and where they ate:
The owls, the falcons, and the hawks
Were all familiar with how the eagle talks;
So some made an eagle call to trick some eaglets.
Which trapped many of them into their nets.
The owls had the idea to attack and kill
A large animal and leave its carcass in a field: (Matthew 24:28)
Their plan was accomplished, the eagles gathered round
To finish off the rest of the carcass they’d found.
When suddenly without any warning at all,
Here came the owls, the falcons, and hawks.
The eagles were outnumbered, one hundred to one
But cried out to their Creator, GOD in unison:
“Come quickly Jesus, please! Deliver us from our enemies!!”
Then a flash of lightening from the east to the west
Covered the sky and frightened the pests.
The Voice of GOD like thunder roared
As Jesus appeared on a white horse.
“Come away eagles,” He said, “Come up here with Me:
I have a much more delicious meal planned at My feast!
To the hawks, and you falcons, and to you owls
I will deal with you, and you don’t want to know how!
I do not take it lightly how you have treated My friends!
I will deal with you later; but this is where their suffering ends.
You will be tortured in hell forever
And will never see love, or good again ever!
You will not be able to do wrong there,
Wrong will only be done to you there!
No light, no nice, no parties, and no friends:
Right here is where every positive thing ends!"

“Birds of a feather stick together?” What kind of bird are you?
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